Facebook Pages

Facebook Pages

Hydra Marketing can create and even manage your Facebook pages.  Here are a few examples:

Our services include:

  • Facebook Page Cover design
  • Setting up the About Us, Details, and Facebook URL
  • Managing the page for a set period of time to:
    • Post Picture Inspirational Quotes for people to share
    • Sharing Key posts to encourage ‘LIKES’
    • Replying to messages
  • Creating a Milestone History

We can also help you create associated Facebook Groups

See also our Social Media page:

Facebook Benefits

As many business owners would know, the growth and success of an organisation is greatly affected by its marketing strategies. In order to draw in customers / clients, you should be out there promoting your services.

This is where Facebook and Hydra Marketing and your new website can help. Although having a Facebook business page is quite similar to owning a website, there are still several undeniable advantages from Facebook that can’t be missed. Launching a poorly designed Facebook page though, with no content and no management of it could probably do you more harm than good, just as an outdated, amateur website would.