Pie-Eck approached Hydra after seeing the work we had done for some colleagues.  They had already registered the name, had a logo and Facebook Page (which we helped with too) and needed a website to give them more reach and credibility on the WWW.  We were given some text for the about page, a pdf menu and some images of their stunning pies.  You can see what we did with them on the site.   Project details:
  • Stunning home page sliders
  • Buttons on each slider for more info
  • Events Calendar
  • Custom Contact Forms
  • Domain Name Management
  • Email Hosting and Management
Stunning home page sliders
Hosted by Hydra
Smartphone and Tablet Compatible
Events Calendar
Easy to Maintain

We cannot recommend Hydra Marketing highly enough.

We’re confident in our ability to create delicious mouth watering pies. However our I.T skills, are, to say the least, limited, this may be the case for you too.
Heath understands this and was patient and supportive, ensuring that our experience of the creative process was second to none. Our initial meetings weren’t a mysterious, jargon-filled mystery, quite the opposite.

We’d like to make it clear that you can be assured that Heath will take the time to get to know you, understand your products and services and then develop a website that far exceeds your expectations, offering expert guidance on how you should use a website to achieve the best from your investment. He also explores how your company can keep the website current and looks at your needs moving forward, ensuring seamless continuity and peace of mind.